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Mosquito Nets Donated to Ndorwa Muslim Secondary School

During the most recent visit by All Our Children trustees and William Morris Sixth Form students to Kabale, the group were fortunate enough to meet up with a long-time supporter of various projects, Peter Tumuhekyi.

Peter, after a stint working in Sierra Leone, is once more teaching History at his new school, Ndorwa Muslim Secondary School.

He gave students and staff a tour of the modest premises of the school and provided a valuable opportunity for some of WMSF’s Muslim students to interact with their Ugandan counterparts.

The group were shown the girls’ dormitory building, located inside the grounds, and many of the students were surprised to see that there were no mosquito nets above the bunk beds.

Initiated by Khadija, who was returning for her second visit to Kabale, the students collected together spare shillings, pounds and dollars so that large bunk bed-sized nets could be procured from a retailer in Mbarara.

A few months later, we received the happy news that the nets had been sourced and installed in the dorms and, with some of the leftover money, some extras bought for in the boy’s dormitory.

All Our Children’s young trustee Suweyda commented, “Without mosquito nets it is just asking for the girls to suffer in a way that they shouldn’t have to. It is the easiest way to lower the risk of infection and that is vital for the girls’ health, education and future.”

In a 2015 report, UNICEF in Uganda said, “Malaria is the commonest cause of morbidity and mortality in the country” and so the group are happy to have been able to play their part in tackling this.

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